We currently offer two routes for hikers.  The first is in the Central Plateu of Haiti, beginning in Pignon, where Expedition Ayiti began.  We travel to several small villages and make stops at the famous Sans-Souci Palace and Citadelle Laferrier.  The second route is in the south of the country and is for those looking for a more challenging hike.  We hike through many different landscapes from the cold, pine tree-lined mountains of Kenscoff to the beautiful blue waters of Basin Bleu in Jacmel.


Each hike includes overnights in rural communities along the way where we are hosted by leaders of the community.  Hikers will stay in Haitian homes, eat Haitian food, and experience authentic Haitian living.  The leaders of the community will spend time with you to educate you about their community and their culture.


On average, hikes are about 10-15 miles per day and include overnights in three villages, however, hikes are customizable to fit your schedule and places of interest.  Click below or contact us for more information.