Weekend Hike: Furcy - Jacmel

This 3 - day, weekend hike is designed for people living in Port Au Prince who would like a weekend get away to the breathtaking scenery and culture that lies to the south of the capital.  The experience consists of two full days of hiking through the mountains, a historic tour of Jacmel, and a visit to one of Haiti's most famous natural attractions, Bassin Bleu.  

Friday Afternoon

  • Bus ride from Petionville to Ozone in Furcy

  • Dinner

  • Overnight at Ozone

Saturday: 15 Mile Hike

  • Eat breakfast at Ozone

  • Hike to Seguin

  • Dinner

  • Overnight in Seguin

Sunday: 15 Mile Hike

  • Eat breakfast in Seguin

  • Hike Perado

  • Take Tap Tap to Jacmel

  • Historic Tour of Jacmel

  • Dinner 

  • Overnight in Jacmel

Monday: Bassin Bleu

  • Eat breakfast in Jacmel

  • Visit Bassin Bleu

  • Afternoon bus ride back to Port Au Prince

This route is challening and is intended for more experienced backpackers or those who are physically fit.


Cost:  $350 USD*


3.5% Fee Added for Payment by Credit Card





*Includes all transportation, lodging, guide services, breakfast/dinner each day, and fees at Bassin Bleu/Tour of Jacmel.  Does not include  extra food, snacks, beer, souvenir items, etc.