Meet The Team


Austin Taylor

Director, US Operations


       Gavely Gerbier

Coordinator, International                  Operations

Austin grew up hearing stories of Haiti from his father, and visited Haiti for the first time in 2006.  He was in Haiti again in 2010 during the earthquake of January 12.  The event and his experience further strengthened his connection to and interest in Haiti.  It became important to Austin that everyone who visits Haiti has the opportunity to have an authentic experience and is able to gain a better understanding of the complexity and beauty of the county.  Austin has a degree in Sociology from Indiana University.  He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana where he works for a youth athletic program. 


Doug Taylor



Doug moved to the Central Plateau of Haiti in 1979 after graduating with a degree in agronomy from Purdue University.  He spent two years living in the community of Lajeune working alongside Haitian farmers in developing better methods of cultivating crops.  His time in Haiti was a major factor in determining what direction his life would take.  He returned home to Indiana and was part of a group that founded a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in 1984.  He has been the Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity in Lafayette, Indiana for the past 30 years.  Doug continues to travel frequently to Haiti, leading groups of people on different endeavors.  He currently lives in Lafayette with his wife Cindy and has two sons, Austin and Zach.

Gavely was born in the rural Central Plateau community of Rang.  He moved to Hinche - the largest city in Haiti's Centre Department - at the age of 13 to complete his high school education.  Gavely has a passion for languages speaking Kreyol, French, English, and Spanish.  He is also an entrepreneur.  Aside from Expedition Ayiti Gavely owns his own sewing shop, Gavely's Shop, in Hinche.  His business currently employs 10 people.  In December 2013 Gavely moved to High Point North Carolina to further pursue his education.  He currently lives in High Point and is pursuing a degree in International Relations.

James Declerus

Hike Leader/Cultural Interpreter

James is from a community in the Haitian countryside called Lamare.  He moved to Hinche, the capital of the Centre Department, where he lives with his grandparents, in order to focus on his education.  James comes from a long line of educators and places extreme value in school.  He wants to know everything.  He would like to own a computer business when he graduates from University.  He also dreams of returning to Lamare to create opportunities for the people of his community.

Hones Declerus

Overnight Host


Clotere Formelus
       Overnight Host
         Gran Latanier

Hones Declerus and his wife Lydie have a large family of six children in Lamarre - both are lifelong residents.  In 2002, despite the fact that he was working to support his 5 children, Hones returned to school in order to better serve his community.  Hones has a heavy responsibility in his Lamarre - he serves as a church pastor, teacher, and director of the school “Bon Samaritain” of Lamarre.  After finishing school in 2008 he began studying theology in order to give a better spiritual education to the people of Lamarre.

            Bio Coming Soon

Junior Auguistin

 Director, Haiti


Junior was raised in Pignon, but now resides in Haiti's second largest city, Cap Haitien.  Junior has been showcasing his town and leading visiting groups since he was young.  Junior is the eldest of the three hike leaders and is the workhorse of the group.  He has been known to carry multiple packs for those who need assistance, earning him the nickname "Junior Power."  When Junior finishes his education he would like to own his own motorcycle mechanic shop.

Jean Rico

Hike Leader/Cultural Interpreter

Bio Coming Soon

Charles Gerbier
    Overnight Host

Mr. Charles Gerbier and his wife Odile Lefort live in the Central Plateau community of Rang, a section of the larger Cerca Cavajal.  Charles and Odile have 8 children, most of whom have moved to Hinche- the capital of Haiti’s Centre department- in order to pursue their education.  Charles stresses education- telling his children,” I want you to focus on your studies because I don’t want your life to be the same as mine, your education is your respect”.  Charles is a successful farmer, working with one of his sons in the family business.  He also likes to tell stories and share about his community with visitors.


Gerald Joseph

Overnight Host 



Gerald and his wife Livine live in Pignon, a town in Haiti's North Department, with their son Douglas.  Gerald grew up in Pignon, but lived in Port-au-Prince for 13 years while pursuing his education.  After finishing school, he returned to Pignon in order to serve his hometown.  He is currently one of the principals at College De La Grace, the school where he was once a student.  He also oversees two other schools in the countryside.  Gerald is one of the leaders and founding members of a group called Top Plus.  This group oversees Expedition Ayiti.