Expedition Ayiti seeks to promote intercultural understanding by giving visitors an authentic experience of Haitian life and culture while bringing economic opportunities to rural Haitian communities.



It all started under the shade of a tree in Haiti.


The central story told about Haiti is that it is "the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.” Its reality is very different.  It is a place of great complexity- rich in culture, physical beauty, and spirit while also owning it’s better known characteristics of poverty, political corruption, and environmental degradation. 


During a trip in 2009, two friends came to the realization that Haiti is a backpacker’s dream.  After having lived in the Central Plateau region of the country in the late 1970s and having spent much time since then visiting, Doug Taylor invited a friend to travel with him to the island nation.  His friend, an avid backpacker from Southern Indiana, was amazed at the landscape and network of foot paths that run through the countryside. After bringing their thoughts to Gerald Joseph and a group of friends gathered under the shade of a tree in Pignon, the idea for Expedition Ayiti was born. 


Expedition Ayiti uses backpacking as a means of immersing visitors in everyday Haitian life in order to learn about the country’s fascinating culture and unique people- all done while hiking through the country’s beautiful landscape. We invite you to browse our site and learn more about how you can get a taste of the reality of life in Haiti.